Visual and Performing Arts

Winter Concert

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Riverstone’s two choirs and two ensembles, were joined by the Middle School Drama Club on Monday evening for this year’s Winter Concert. This was the second of three performing arts productions held in just two days; surely a celebration of Riverstone’s commitment to the arts.

Many thanks to Music teachers, Damon Brown and Laura DeLaney, for organizing the event and Drama Coach, Brecca Chabot-Olsen, for guiding our students!


Fascinating Rhythms

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On Monday, March 4, students in grades 6 and 10 and the Riverstone Ensembles and Choirs presented the Fascinating Rhythms concert designed to teach the younger students about rhythm, meter, and steady beat.  Among the highlights were Haida performed by the Elementary Choir with a focus of a steady beat and the Basque ostinatos (repeating rhythms) that the Grade 10 class taught the entire Elementary School.  It was wonderful having our students improve their understanding of these key musical concepts by teaching them to others.  The performances were creative and actively involved the audience.  Thank you performers!

How Does Music Communicate Cultural Values?

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The Grade 10 music class has been exploring the Unit Question: “How does music communicate cultural values?”  They have been focusing on the music and culture of the Basque people both in the Basque Country of the Spanish-French border region and in Boise, Idaho. As a part of their studies, they took two trips to The Basque Center last week.  They learned about the Basque History and culture of Boise, had a traditional Basque lunch, and played an exciting game of pelota. They also experienced  Basque music and dance through a music workshop put on by some of the best local Basque musicians.

Thank you to The Basque Center for hosting us!


Twelfth Night by Grade 2

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Immediately following the Green Show, Grade 2 students switched gears to their production of Twelfth Night. Set in sunny California, the addition of our surfer-dude narrators kept everyone on the same page, while our actors shared the story of shipwreck, mistaken identities, foolishness, and love.

There were two performances last Friday. On Tuesday, the students will be taking the show on the road to the Veteran’s Home!

There are many people to thank for supporting our Grade 2 students:

  • For acting support and guidance, thanks to D.A. Smith from the Idaho Shakespeare Festival and parents, Caren and Tony DeAngelis;
  • For set design and painting, as well as background music composition, thanks to our Grade 10 and 9 students for their collaboration with Grade 2 students;
  • For our parents for their help with costumes;
  • For the siblings who inevitably helped with memorization of parts;
  • For our music teacher, Laura DeLaney, and art teachers, Jim Harper and Jay Nelson, for guidance with music and sets;
  • For our amazing Grade 2 teachers, Trevor Lindsay and Pete Burton, for bringing out the best in their students.


"Be Not Afraid of Greatness"

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This afternoon, our Grade 2 students enjoyed one of their favorite annual activities in preparation for their Shakespeare production: working with art students from the high school to create our background scenery.  High School art teacher, Mr. Harper, and a number of Grade 10 students worked with the Grade 2 students to sketch and design ideas for different scenes for Twelfth Night, which is this year’s play. The best part, however, was painting side by side and getting a little messy!

The opportunity to work with older students is a unique characteristic that a school like Riverstone, with Preschool through High School students all on one campus, can offer.  Mr. Lindsay, Grade 2 teacher, wrote, “We are always glad to take advantage of opportunities such as the 9th graders helping us with our music for the play, and today’s painting project with 10th graders.”

We can’t wait to see the play!








































































Variety Show

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The 10th Annual Variety Show continued the tradition of  celebrating the many talents of our Riverstone community. This year’s show also highlighted the expansion of our musical opportunities at the school, featuring two choirs and two bands that are led as before-school activities by our music teachers. We also were entertained by individual and group performers, as well as acts that featured families performing together. Truly magical!

Thank you to our Middle & High School Music teacher, Damon Brown, for organizing the show!


MYP Music

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In Grade 7 music, students have been researching, playing and analyzing music from Central Asia and the wider Muslim world. Today they gave presentations on the Uyghur people and Uzbekistan. As you can see, the students really got into the culture by bringing food and performing dances as parts of their presentations!

While these presentations were about music in particular, the Humanities and English units on Central Asia are concurrent. In English for example, students are reading a novel about the life of two girls in Afghanistan. In Humanities, they are studying cultural geography of Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Discovering connections between subject areas is a hallmark of the IB Middle Years Programme; this is a perfect example of that happening!