Words of wisdom from our alumni

The most important feedback we receive comes from our alumni. We value their perspective and their suggestions for improving the education of future Riverstone graduates.

Riverstone alumni adventure to study abroad

In our 2013 alumni survey, 30% of respondents said they studied abroad during their undergraduate careers. Most students spent a semester or two in locations throughout Western Europe (such as France, Spain, and the United Kingdom) and a number of students adventured even further to locations like New Zealand, Jordan, Cuba and Jamaica. At a national level, only 10% of U.S. undergraduates study abroad (NAFSA Report 2013). Riverstone is incredibly proud that our graduates are continuing their global education through tangible academic experiences abroad.

Riverstone alumni are pursued for internships and volunteer experiences

Notable businesses such as Columbia Records, the United States Congress, Penguin Random House and Diane von Furstenberg are just the tip of the iceberg on the list of businesses, non-profits, and government offices that Riverstone alumni have interned with or volunteered for during their undergraduate careers. A total of 43% of our respondents to the 2013 alumni survey indicated their participation in an internship position and we continue to cultivate graduates with a well-rounded and global approach to their education.

Half of our alumni who participated in the 2013 alumni survey continue their exploration of the outdoors through personal, professional and/or academic trips. Encouraged and skilled through our outdoor education hiking trips and other initiatives, alumni have continued the tradition through trails, rivers, mountains, canyons, and oceans around the world. And just to give you an idea of how far Riverstone’s outdoor education can take you: our alumni have trekked through the Appalachian Trail, Honduras, the Grand Canyon, New Zealand, Patagonia, the swamps of New South Wales (Australia), Mt. Kilimanjaro, Cinque Terre (Italy), Tajikistan, Mount Rainier, the Andes, and the Izu Coast (Japan).

Alumni reflect on their time at Riverstone

“Riverstone allowed me to organize my life in a more efficient way without being micro-managed by a teacher. I believe that I have become a more independent student.” -A.T. (’11)

“After graduating from Riverstone and eventually moving back to Idaho after earning my undergraduate degree and traveling, it’s clear how much my education here and through the IB Programme inspired and empowered me to seek out other cultures and dive into them hands-on and head-first no matter where in the world I am.” -M.Q. (’09)

“Riverstone was an entirely rare and extremely special experience that helped to build the foundation for me to push myself and have the confidence to pursue my passions and succeed in the more non-conventional path I am on at this time in my life.” -A.J. (’11)

“I would not be the person I am today without the fantastic relationships I developed at Riverstone, and without the scholastic (and extracurricular) experiences the school has to offer.” -P.M. (’12)

“The critical thinking, research, and academic writing skills I was taught at Riverstone made my start at college a lot easier than it seemed to be for most of my fellow students who didn’t have an IB background.” -H.A. (’09)

“Riverstone was an excellent place to learn and explore, and to pursue lifelong interests with encouragement from teachers and friends.” -K.L. (’07)

“The small class sizes and commitment to education have had a vast impact in improving my educational career and fostering lifelong relationships and a love for learning.” N.S. (’11)

“I feel as though Riverstone taught me how to think. Many high schools teach a person what to think, but Riverstone opened my mind to many angles, which is valuable and rare. Riverstone allows a person, no matter how young they are, to begin to think on their own.” -V.K. (’05)