Welcome from Director of Elementary Education

Dear Parents and Students,

The early years of a child’s education are critical in laying the foundation for learning in their future years. During this time, children absorb knowledge at amazing rates and develop the skills necessary for success in school — and life.

In the Elementary School at Riverstone, we encourage children to learn and explore. We purposefully keep our classes small so teachers are able to plan lessons, activities, and field trips that keep our students engaged in learning. During this stage of development, elementary-age students are developing the foundations of reading, writing, and math. They are questioning, searching to find answers, and solving problems creatively. We encourage students to explore their interests and apply their existing knowledge to new situations. We make sure our students feel safe taking risks and delving into areas that are unfamiliar to them.

At the same time, learning in the early years goes beyond academics. This is a crucial time for developing social skills students will use throughout their lives. At Riverstone, our students learn how to communicate with others, operate as part of a community, negotiate and solve problems diplomatically, show respect and compassion for others, and use appropriate manners throughout the day. Even our youngest students are encouraged to become good citizens and take an active role in their family, school, hometown, and the world.

We encourage our students to attain their “personal best” and we celebrate their individual accomplishments. Recognizing that most learning occurs through active participation, our teachers help students stretch to take that next step. Through our Five Pillars — Academic Excellence, Community and Service, Leadership by Example, International Understanding, and Outdoor Education — children make connections between school, community, and world at large. Rather than memorizing facts, students explore ideas, civilizations, and past and present cultures to make predictions about the future.

At Riverstone, we believe a strong connection between home and school is essential to a successful educational experience. Teachers communicate regularly with parents and are always available to talk. We also encourage parents to share their expertise or family culture with their child’s class, enriching learning for all.

I invite you to visit our school and see our students and teachers in action. You’ll view first-hand how your child will benefit from attending Riverstone International School.

Warm regards,


James Hamilton-Vail
Elementary School Director & Primary Years Programme Coordinator