Library & Media Services

The library at Riverstone is a hub of activity for students of all ages

The mission of the Riverstone library is to expose students to a world of books and informational resources, provide students with skills to live in the 21st century, and foster the love of learning. Additionally, we help our students, faculty, staff, and community members develop into lifelong learners, informed decision-makers, and enthusiastic readers.

Elementary students visit the library weekly with their classmates to learn how to use a library, read together, and borrow books. Our librarian also plans activities that connect to their class’ current unit of inquiry. For example, during a unit on animal architecture, the librarian built a giant condor nest so the students could experience what it feels like to be a baby condor while the librarian read to them.

Middle and High School students use the library as a quiet place to study, borrow books, meet for group projects, and locate resources for their assignments.

Circulation Policy

Having the opportunity to borrow and return books provides important lessons in respect and responsibility. The following is a chart that explains the number of books that library patrons may borrow and the length of time they may do so.

Preschool through grade 2
Grades 3 through 5
Grades 6 through 12
Parents and community

Number of Books 

Length of Time
One week
Two weeks
Four weeks
Conclusion of unit
Four weeks

Remember special life events by donating to the library

Families may recognize special life events by donating and dedicating books to the library in the name of honorees. A personalized bookplate with the dedication will be placed inside the book.

There are certain books that our librarian would like to add to our collection but due to space limitations, we are unable to accept general donations to the library.

Please email Susan Tabb, our school librarian, for more information on the Celebration Book program or specific books that would enhance our library.