School Services in the High School

Full time school counselor

Our full time school counselor is available to help students with any issues that may arise. Teachers may refer students or parents can request that their child see the counselor by contacting any staff member. Appointments are typically scheduled in advance.

We also provide extensive guidance about the college application process. You may find information about our College Counseling program here.

Study hall

On Mondays through Thursday during months we have active athletic teams, from 4:oo – 6:00 PM we host a monitored study hall in the gym foyer for students in grades 6-12. Parents need to be sure to pick up their student by 6:00 PM. There is no charge for this service.


Riverstone currently provides a bus service that travels through three stops in downtown Boise in the mornings only. Due to our increased residential program enrollment, there is limited ridership so please contact Sarah Taylor if you would like your child to ride the bus.

The fee is $50 per month and the schedule and locations for pickup are as follows:

  • 7:35 AM  Departs Riverstone House (1257 W River St)
  • 7:45 AM  Departs tennis courts at Camel’s Back Park (1200 W Heron St)
  • 8:00 AM  Departs Dona Larsen Park entrance on Warm Springs Avenue (across from Pioneer Cemetery)
  • 8:15 AM  Arrival at Riverstone International School

Please note that we are currently evaluating our transportation needs and the schedule and fee may change. If you would like your child to ride the bus, please contact Sarah Taylor.

Residents of Barber Valley, southeast Boise, and Eagle may use ValleyRide bus services. Route 18 to Harris Ranch provides three morning round trips and three afternoon round trips between the Harris Ranch area and downtown Boise. View the Route 18 Schedule here.



Most students bring lunch from home. We have a limited number of microwaves to heat food, but ask parents to send lunches that do not need extensive preparation or heating.

We also offer an optional lunch program provided by Life’s Kitchen, a non-profit organization that provides food service training. We are proud to partner with them and to offer a healthy, non-processed option for our students.

Parents may choose specific days that they would like to order lunch for their students, but will need to do so prior to the start of the month and pay for the meals they are ordering for that month at the time they place the order.

How it works:

  • Life’s Kitchen will publish a menu with the lunch offerings for each month and a specific closing date by which orders must be placed for that month. Menus are typically posted four days before the start of a month with a closing date four days later. For example, the February menu will be posted on January 27 and you and your child(ren) will be able to choose February meals up until January 31. The same concept will be done for the following months.
  • Prior to the closing date, families may order meals for as many or as few days as they would like each month. Families will pay for the total number of meals they order for the month at that time.
  • A list with all of the children who have paid for hot lunch on a given day will be provided to the school so students may simply be checked off that they have ordered their lunch.
  • Once meals are ordered and paid for, families will not be able to add or subtract days, and refunds will not be provided due to absences, field trips, snow days, vacation, etc.

Sign up for hot lunches through Life’s Kitchen here. Our school code is 211-930.