Welcome from the High School Director

Dear Parents and Students,

Learning is different at Riverstone International School. We believe complex problems require thoughtfulness and examination. We encourage engagement, discussion, collaboration, research, and communication in — and out — of our classrooms. Through our guiding principles, we ask students to seek understanding, to respect themselves and others, and to take action to help their community.

At Riverstone, we embrace students who seek purpose and challenge in learning. We encourage students to see learning as an opportunity to expand their vision of the world and their ability to take action. As a result, our students have taught themselves Hebrew and Arabic, interned for National Public Radio, and spent a summer living with a Moroccan family. They have become soldiers, gone on to medical school, developed apps in Silicon Valley, begun careers as musicians, artists, and designers, and joined the Peace Corps in Madagascar and Nicaragua. Every year, our students and alumni embark upon a myriad of wonderful and interesting experiences.

Our faculty and the relationships they cultivate with students are critical in our students’ success. Small classes and a wide range of advisory, extracurricular, travel, and outdoor education experiences provide many opportunities to build the trust and safety net that translates to our students’ resilience and success. Riverstone is different because we know that strong, positive student-teacher relationships help students become the adults they are meant to be.

In 2004, Riverstone began offering the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate because we believed this approach to education and learning would offer the best possible academic preparation for entrance into universities and colleges. Like us, the International Baccalaureate organization places a high value on critical thinking, learning deeply, viewing problems from multiple perspectives, and working with each other and our communities.

I encourage you to visit Riverstone. Meet our faculty. Talk to our students and parents. They are engaging, welcoming, and focused on learning. Students at Riverstone will find that every day is challenging, but they will benefit from rich interactions, perspectives, and experiences.

I look forward to meeting you.




Andy Johnson
Middle and High School Director