International Understanding in the High School

Students develop a global awareness and appreciation for others

At Riverstone, our students cultivate a diverse global view and appreciation for the world’s peoples and cultures via academic endeavors and personal experiences. Through classrooms, in-home exchange programs, the outdoors, and international travel experiences, students form an international understanding that will help them contribute to our global society.

We promote international understanding and celebrate diversity

World language

First, every student learns to speak, read, and write another language beyond English. Currently, our high school students choose to study either Spanish or French. They learn the culture, traditions, and perspective of other countries. They may be asked to deliver a presentation on the pros and cons of emerging technologies in countries that speak Spanish or French. Additionally, they may present papers in which they analyze the environment challenges facing these countries. Ultimately, through the process of learning another language, we help our students develop empathy and perspective for others.

A global view

In the High School at Riverstone, we guide our students so they gain a global view through our curriculum. We challenge our students to look for perspectives, patterns, relevance, and bias in literature, languages, and world events. They use these skills to understand complex social issues and make informed decisions.

We welcome students from around the world and learn together

Representation from 35 countries at our school — with students studying and exploring alongside of each other — is our greatest means of fostering an international understanding. In classroom conversations, our teachers encourage sharing perspectives on a single topic.

Additionally, our students gain a greater appreciation for each other as they learn together during our outdoor education, advisory, athletic, and extracurricular activities.

As our students, staff and parents of all ages and backgrounds spend more time together, we all come to understand that at our core, we are all human beings who wish to be respected and welcomed.