Faculty and Staff Biographies

We all have a story.

We are educated. We are curious. We are passionate about our students.

We share adventures, favorite hobbies, and life’s lessons in our classrooms and conversations. We have guided river trips, backpacked through the Philippines, driven an AirStream across the Rockies, and wintered over in Antarctica. We have traveled by train throughout Pakistan, ran marathons, and sharpened negotiation skills on the Chicago Stock Exchange.

We are all different. But no matter our differences, we have one thing in common: making every moment a teachable moment.

Special note: Please be patient with us as we build our faculty and staff biographies page!

Bob Carignan: Head of School

Bob Carignan has enjoyed a successful and diverse career. He graduated from Brown University with a degree in English and Economics, and pursued a career in the financial world with Cargill. For 15 years, Bob traded financial derivatives for various firms on the Chicago exchange. After moving to Boise, Bob decided to follow his lifelong passion and pursue a career in education. He joined Riverstone in 2002 as an English, History, and Economics teacher. He played a key role in the development of the School’s English curriculum, and gaining authorization with the International Baccalaureate Organization. Additionally, Bob was instrumental in developing Riverstone’s highly acclaimed college counseling program. Bob has a unique ability to understand and mentor Riverstone’s students. Bob has also participated in the National Association of Independent School’s (NAIS) Aspiring Heads Program and was awarded a fellowship to attend the Head of School Program at the Klingenstein Teachers College at Columbia University. He holds a Masters Degree in Education from Boise State University.