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Our International Community: A Letter from our Head of School

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The following is the introduction to Bob Carignan’s February 2, 2017 newsletter to the Riverstone community. To read previous Riverstone newsletters, you may link to our archives here. We invite you to subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

A few years ago, I remember teaching a unit on Persepolis, the Iranian graphic novel, and a student pondered what life would be like in Iran. As if magically, the classroom door opened and I heard “Hi Bob!” coming from a recent Riverstone graduate who had spent the summer in Iran with her family. So I gave her the floor to discuss her experiences and what life was like in Iran for her and her family. I remember the enormous pride I felt that we at Riverstone, in Boise, Idaho, had built an authentic international community in thought and deed that connected our kids everywhere. I am no less proud now.

We have welcomed immigrants, refugees, exchange students, and green card holders from throughout the Middle East and Africa, including most of the seven countries experiencing the current immigration and travel ban. In all cases, these students and their families made Riverstone a better place by deepening the richness of our community and widening the perspective of our students. Included below are pictures from our 2005-06 school yearbook, featuring our international students. We are proud of this tradition and of bringing these incredible students into our community year after year.

I want to make it clear where we stand as a school. Riverstone will continue to welcome students from around the world. We will continue to read and teach from a global curriculum. We will continue to give our students an understanding of the Middle East and the worlds great religions. We will continue to encourage free and open inquiry. We will continue to encourage critical thinking in which facts matter. We will continue guiding our students through difficult conversations in an atmosphere of respect.

These changes are already impacting our community. Please read this article from a major German newspaper concerning one of our graduates, Kat T (’10).

Places like Riverstone, places that strive to teach students empathy through a diverse curriculum including the study of global art and music are places that can serve as antidotes to hatred and ignorance.

Yes, the world is a difficult and complex place that can be dangerous. But, we need to stand for opportunity and understanding; optimism and realism can exist side by side. A disciplined, “liberal education” that is global in reach, asks difficult questions and does not settle for easy answers, encourages 21st Century skills like collaboration, celebrates diversity, and encourages understanding is the best way to prepare students for the most important job that lies ahead: being informed and responsible citizens who seek peace and make the world a better place.

Bob Carignan
Head of School

Annual Riverstone Alumni Bash

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We were thrilled to see so many alumni back home for the holidays and hear all about their latest adventures. Included below are a few photos from the party and some awesome updates from alumni we “overheard.” Thank you to everyone who attended and to all of the alumni who have stopped by the campus to say hello!

Julia F (2010) is now working at Boise State University as Operations Assistant for Women’s Basketball and as the Administrative Assistant for both Women’s and Men’s Basketball.

Charlie U (2009) recently returned from a trip to Chile where he worked with internationally renowned painter Tony Foster.

Becca Q (2011) caught up with fellow classmates and told us all about her new position with the Evanston Public School system in Illinois developing educational programs and assisting with budget development.

Alex P (2014) recently declared Economics as his major at Pomona College.

Ellery C (2014) is playing volleyball as a sophomore at Lewis and Clark University while studying International Affairs.

Hannah Mae S (2009) encouraged her fellow alums to come and check out the newly renovated Discovery Center where she works as the Volunteer Program Director and assists with various marketing initiatives.

Erik M (2005) enjoyed answering his peers’ questions about his current job testing out video games in Portland.

From the Class of 2012: Jon F and Jackson C will graduate this spring with degrees in Economics from Duke University and Wesleyan University, respectively; Davis G will also graduate this spring from Arizona State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Karoline W (2015) is loving her freshman year at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and is hoping to major in International Relations or Global Studies.

For the Love of Reading

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Alumni visit the school for lots of reasons: to see their former teachers, coach our athletic teams, lead an outdoor trip, and even to teach. But last week, one of our alumni, Trevor Wallace (’11), visited our Gr 3 class to talk about his favorite authors when he was in elementary school. Trevor is currently a film major at Wesleyan University and donated many of his books to Ms. Wallace’s class library. He spent quite awhile sharing with students who were interested in finding new, more challenging authors to try. No one gives a book talk quite like a person who has loved and lived through the stories many times!

As you can see by the photos, the students loved Trevor and were hanging on every word. Thanks Trevor!

Riverstone Class of 2010 Grad Producing News Radio

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Kat Thornton, Riverstone Class of 2010 and current Brown University student, is producing segments of The Takeaway! The show is a co-production of WNYC Radio and Public Radio International, in collaboration with The BBC World Service, New York Times Radio and WGBH Boston.

Link here to view a selection of her recent stories and production credits.

As we so like to say about our students, “How cool is that?”

Riverstone Alumni Bash

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The Riverstone Alumni held their annual bash on Christmas Eve at Leku Ona Restaurant in Boise’s Basque Block. Alumni, families, and friends had a great time getting together and hearing the latest news. This annual tradition will more than likely take place on Christmas Eve 2011 so mark your calendars!

Interestingly enough…the high school campus has had tons of our alumni stopping in to see their teachers and catch up with current students over the past few weeks. Obviously, the relationships that these kids have with teachers and former classmates are incredible. How cool is that?

From right to left: Eleri R, Ryan H, Eleanor S, Claire S, and Calle L. Eleri R graduated from Wellesley in 2010 and is working with the Idaho Conservation League and providing legal research. Ryan H will graduate from Tufts this summer, Eleanor S is studying nursing in the UK, and Claire S attends Southampton University in the UK. Calle L is in her last year at Stanford and has already been employed as a Japanese/English translator for an electronics company in Tokyo. She will move there this summer.

Jesse S is studying Indian languages and literature at Barnard College, New York. Charlie U is majoring in History and minoring in Art and Spanish at Willamette University in Oregon.

Ian C is attending Colby College in Maine and just returned from his first semester in France. Ian R is studying at DePauw University and playing Division I Basketball!

Kat T is studying hard and writing for the Brown Daily Herald at Brown University, Julia F is at the University of Puget Sound and loving their outdoor program, Kylie B is really enjoying college life in Massachusetts at Smith College, and Sarah S is soaking up the excitement of life in New York City while studying at Barnard College.