Welcome from the Head of School

Dear Parents and Students,

Our mission is to inspire courageous journeys of academic and personal exploration that enable our students to lead purposeful lives.

As a school, we are committed to offering our students an education that provides outstanding academic preparation plus additional experiences that shape students’ understanding of themselves and the world. These experiences center around our Five Pillars — Academic Excellence, Community and Service, Leadership by Example, International Understanding, and Outdoor Education. We also strive to create an environment of respect and trust between students, teachers, and administrative staff.

A student’s time at Riverstone is a wonderful period of individual growth. Our goal is to prepare each student for the opportunities ahead of them. Our staff will ensure that students are given the tools that are necessary to lead a purposeful and rewarding life. We ask that students use those tools to the best of their abilities. We hope our students view their teachers as role models and mentors, and see them as guides on their journey. We encourage students to take responsibility for their actions, both inside and outside of the classroom. This means students need to learn to advocate for themselves and their education — a skill that, more than any other, will lead to success in college and life.

We understand that every student’s journey will be different and none will be perfect. At the same time, we know each journey will be filled with learning opportunities and memories that will last a lifetime.

Best regards,

Bob Carignan
Head of School