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Welcome Back from Fall Trips!

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The following is a note from Outdoor Education Director, Ben Brock, regarding the recent fall trips. Following his note, there are a few photos of the Elementary, Middle and High School trips all around Idaho and Wyoming in the past two weeks!

“For more than 15 years, students and teachers in our Elementary, Middle and High Schools have been welcoming the beginning of each new school year by heading into the great outdoors.

This year’s adventures had students (some as young as 3 years old!) floating the Payette and Main Salmon Rivers, exploring Yellowstone National Park, riding the Weiser River Trail and backpacking to lakes and creeks throughout the Sawtooth Mountains.

Grade 4 had a ball at the McCall Outdoor Science School where they explored Ponderosa State Park in search of signs of glaciation and macro-invertebrates, comparing different habitats, measuring the moisture content in a sage meadow, and identifying different coniferous tree species. Interspersing lots of trust and team-building games with the science, this is one of our Elementary School staff’s favorite trip to lead.

Whether they are first-timers or veterans, born and raised here in Boise, or members of our new residential house, students are challenged to bring their best attitudes and offer their own particular strengths to make our community great. With teachers (and staff and alumni and parents!) there every step of the way, the adventures play an important role in laying a foundation of trust and friendship that help make every new year a great year! Thank you to everyone who continue to make Riverstone’s Outdoor Education programs an incredible success for all those involved.

Make sure to check out the school’s Facebook and Instagram profiles for a collection of pictures from the last few weeks of incredible outdoor experiences for our school!”

Our First Week Back-to-School!

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Students, faculty and staff enjoyed a wonderful first week back at Riverstone to kick off the new school year!

Our traditional All-School Convocation started Monday morning off with each class, Preschool through Grade 12, cheering and dancing their hearts out as they were officially welcome and announced. Our students were joined by over 200 family and community members.

Class of 2017 speaker, Rowan P, gave an inspiring speech highlighting all of the parts that come together to make Riverstone the incredible community that it is, specifying the faculty and staff as one of the primary reasons he loves attending school here:

“To me, the thing that makes Riverstone so special and sets it apart from every school in the country is the teachers. People who have dedicated themselves not only to endowing students with knowledge and the ability to think critically, but in fostering growth, curiosity and passion. People who are willing to respond to your emails at 1AM, or to come in on a Sunday afternoon to work on a biology lab. People who are willing to sacrifice weekends and weeks to spend their time with us hiking up mountains, rafting down rivers, sleeping in snow caves, skiing, visiting the White House, traveling around the world, and even touring colleges. These are more than teachers: they are mentors, friends and even family.”

You can listen to the full speech here.

A representative from Idaho Education News also attended our Convocation and created this short video.

Following Convocation, the wonderful Parents’ Association team hosted the Boohoo Yahoo Coffee for parents and then wrapped up the day with an Ice Cream Social.

Students spent the rest of the week getting back into the swing of things with homework, sports practice, and after-school activities. Our new group of students in Grade 6 have excitedly been walking the school halls, experiencing changing classrooms with each period, enjoying their first week as Middle School students and figuring out the difference between Elementary School recess and Middle School lunch. Gr 10 students are thinking about their Personal Projects and which teacher they would like to be their advisor. Students in the Class of 2018 have just begun their Diploma Programme experience and are thinking about their Extended Essay topics, where they would like to apply to college, and how they’re going to welcome their peers back for Convocation next year. And the Class of 2017 is already getting ready to take their IB exams next May as well as submit their college applications this Fall and decide what to do as they become part of our strong alumni community.

Needless to say, we are so happy to have students back on campus and are amped up for the new school year! Check out photos below from all of this week’s activities.